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Prequel 2/5

“She would pull herself together. She would fix this. She would make everything right again. Even if it killed her. Or someone else. And on that day, for the record, she wore green, just like envy.” Britney King, Beyond Bedrock 

Backstory: Skip the line if you read the backstory on the prequel posts last week and scroll down.


I’m not absolutely certain but…I’m pretty certain that Beyond Bedrock is one of my most under read and therefore underrated novels. Which is sad because I think it’s some of my best work. Even if a few reviewers tend to disagree. ?

When I wrote the book (which has been called ‘Single White Female meets Fatal Attraction’) I had no idea that I’d later write more of Lydia’s story. But she really grew on me— and thus the idea for Water Under The Bridge was born. Not to spoil the story for you… but Lydia is the psychopath (who is quite clever in my book;) which assumes the alias Kate in Water Under The Bridge.

That said, I consider Beyond Bedrock a prequel— although it is NOT necessary to read it before reading Water Under The Bridge. On that subject, just a side note about my books— most of them have overlapping characters—but read as standalones. In fact, you don’t have to read the first two Bedrock books to understand Beyond Bedrock—although it’d be nice if you did. ?

Anyway, I thought I’d share excerpts of Beyond Bedrock here over the next several weeks leading up to the release of Water Under The Bridge.

Keep in mind, she’s crazy.

And, also, probably one of the most real characters I’ve ever written.

1:33 PM

Dear William,

Today marks my second day here and the first visit from her.

I have already decided that I will help her.

But she doesn’t know that yet.

I will tell her what she wants to hear.

And maybe a few things she doesn’t.

I think that in order to truly help her—to help us all; I have to take it back to the beginning. When we were all happy.

I see a pattern evolving here. I think you can see it, too. This is my specialty—seeing patterns and similarities. It is one reason you have come to love me, as I know you do. But you probably already know this. It was my knack for seeing possibility back then, on that very first day as I watched you on the news. I listened to your words ring aloud in my head, and from that, I understand the magnificence of timing and the reason it all played out just like magic.

Ironically, though, and sadly to her detriment, it would be your wife who loved me first.

And if it is any consolation, I will tell you this—in a perfect world my dreams sometimes still include Addison. There are days I picture us as one big happy family. Of course, you love me more (and will always) because your love for me is in direct proportion to my love for you. Unlike Addison, my feelings for you are so wide and so deep that few people aside from the two of us can grasp what exactly that means. Or the lengths we would go to for one another. Just like what you did by placing me in here. It’s extreme, but that’s us, William.

Also, since I’m wearing blue like your eyes and to signify honesty, I have to admit it’s only on the good days that I imagine Addison being a part of our plan. Most days, I face the unfortunate reality of the situation (even more so now that I’m in here!) I know as long as she’s in the picture, the more I realize she will only ever come between us. Oh, how she likes to get in the way. She makes you upset, William.

She provokes you and changes your moods. She does the same to me. It’s her fault the highs are so high and the lows are so very low.

Addison is what I like to call black magic. She does things to people. I know… I’ve seen it firsthand.

It happened the first time I ever met her.

Which, as hard as it is to believe, was six months ago now.

As they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

And I like to think we are.



P.S. I wrote a poem for you:

There are so many parts and pieces

to the both of us.

Just think—

Of what we might amount to

if we put them all together.


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