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Notes from readers. Part two. 3/4

“I’ve learned that to be wholly seen by another person, at best and at worst, and loved anyhow is, in fact, indescribable.” —Britney King, A Social Affair

For the remainder of the month, I’ll be posting notes from readers. Some of them have asked to remain anonymous and others have asked for the opposite. It’s impossible to describe what these notes mean to me. It’s easier just to share them. 🙂 Basically, it’s a lot. I can do small talk and surface level, if I have to. But (so far) those aren’t the kind of stories I write. So, to know that readers connect with my characters in ways that are meaningful to them, well, as a writer you can’t really ask for more than that.

This one I don’t have words for…except to say that writing that series (and now re-writing it, more on that later) I realize that as much flack as I’ve taken for its content, and as many times as I’ve felt sucker-punched because of it, telling that story was by far the right thing to do.

Dear Britney,

You unknowingly wrote my life story… minus the whips and chains which were replaced with “words” and “deeds”. (Those scars only I could see or feel.) Minus the boyfriend, too… I was isolated but the similar story of yours was a “healer” (also the best book I’ve read!) of sorts.

Thank you.I look forward to the second book..which is named ?? (Hurry I’m hooked!)

Thank you,

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