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I’ve got a girl crush…

“I’ve got a girl crush

Hate to admit it but,

I got a hard rush

It’s not slowing down” — Lori McKenna, song writer 

I’ve started writing the third and final book in the Bedrock Series and I have to say that I’ve been a bit hesitant to write/finish/share this one. But, then again, I think I’m always a little hesitant at the beginning.

The truth is, I thought I was done with the Bedrock books after I published Breaking Bedrock. I felt that I’d turned the page, finished the chapter, and closed the book, on these characters, so to speak. The trouble is, most of the correspondence I receive is about William and Addison. Fans of theirs want to know what happened to them, they want more, and they’ve asked for it again and again.

Still, for me there was hesitancy—which I think in part came from feeling like I’d told their story to its extent, that the characters had gotten their happy ending, and perhaps it was best just to let it be what it is. I really wasn’t expecting that there would be more… but in the end, I decided… maybe there’s beauty in that.

So, I started working on the book anyway, just to see, and to my surprise it wasn’t long before I’d found their voices once again and hit my stride. And I thought…hmmm…maybe…

I’m not terribly superstitious, or maybe I am…but somewhere along the way, just after I started, I asked the universe, or the muse, or whoever, to show me a sign. It sounds crazy (and it probably is) but I wanted to know that these characters still had a story left within them that they wanted told. Also, I wanted to know if I had the passion within myself to tell whatever that story was. I wasn’t interested in continuing the series just for the sake of continuing. I needed to be pulled in…

And then someone in the know sent me the song below along with a note that said “If you want your sign, here it is.” And I swear it was perfect. Lyrically perfect. It was just one of those things… that when you know, you know. After listening to it I realized that there is a story here waiting to be told, and I think this song encapsulates a large part of that story very well.

I was sent the original version by LBT but when I was searching for it to share with you guys I came across KC’s cover and well, since I’m more of a bluesy kind of girl I prefer this one.

And… with that, below is the synopsis for the third and final book in the Bedrock Series, Beyond Bedrock.

It’s a bit like the song. Not at all what you think it is going to be about. But it’s also like the song, too. 🙂 Just a little seedier and a whole lot less innocent. 😉

Addison and William Hartman’s once tumultuous affair is mostly a thing of the past. These days it seems they have it all—that the world is literally at their fingertips. They are finally living their hard won happily ever after.

Settled into a marriage that is anything but normal, the two of them are learning the art of the dance it takes to make a long-term commitment between a pair of highly passionate and driven people work. The question is whether or not they can sustain it. 

And it appears they can—that they have the give and take in the bag—until outside forces beyond their control come forth and change the course of their lives, once again—and this time, not for the better. 

The final book in the Bedrock Trilogy, this story explores what happens after the curtain closes and the reality of happily ever after begins.


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