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Feedback 3/5

“She seems like the kind of person who only knows happiness in her core. But there’s more too, more than meets the eye, this I can see.” — Britney King, The Social Affair  


This month I want to talk about feedback. In my case, this pertains to readers and their perceptions, insights, and info they are willing to share in regard to the stories I tell.

But no matter what business you’re in it would serve you well to make feedback your friend. It’s one of the best things I have ever done, in any business venture. In this one opening a dialogue with readers, offering them as much access to me as I can muster is one of my favorite things about the gig. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of their feedback as well as my response in case you might’ve thought the same thing and/or had similar questions . 🙂


Just in case you thought it was all glowing. 🙂 Typically, I don’t focus on or respond to the particularly negative stuff. The crazy (you’d be surprised)… never. But the thing about slight jabs is that when they come… sometimes it’s nice to have a little fun with them. 😉 That was the case below. 

I probably would have enjoyed your book had there not been so many grammatical, punctuation and/or typographical errors. Hire yourself a proofreader, or stop relying on spellcheck.
My all time favorite was your sentence that referred to “pounding the payment”!
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Dear M,

Believe it or not, I paid two copy editors and three proofreaders. When all was said and done, it cost an arm and a leg. Well, almost. That could be why people close to me think I’m off my rocker giving away this novel for free. But what can I say? There’s a method to my madness. Most readers are the bee’s knees and giving is my jam.

As to your issue with “pounding the pavement”… that is what they call an idiom. Most of the titles of my books (including Water Under The Bridge) are idioms. I have a soft spot for them.

This is probably rooted in the fact that once when I was a wee little lad my grandfather convinced me to go to church with him. When I asked what we were going to do there he said we were going to shoot the bull. I thought that sounded like fun. He was one of my most favorite people ever. Clever and kind. But also able to deliver feedback in a way that was helpful. Even when heavy-handed. Because let’s face it, no one and no project is perfect.

That said, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest my work may not be your cup of tea so don’t worry about writing back.

In any case, I did want to thank you for the gracious manner in which you pointed this out. No need to beat around the bush. I get it. 🙂

But, for the record, I take notes like yours with a grain of salt. Tastes better that way. 




  1. Mark Donoho says:

    I read a lot of books from many authors. If I spent my time dwelling over “grammatical, punctuation and/or typographical errors”, I wouldn’t enjoy the book. You keep writing, I will keep reading ! I really enjoy your books and am looking forward to the next one !


    1. Britney King says:

      Thanks Mark. I appreciate readers like you and I especially enjoy your enthusiasm.

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