What I’ve learned… 2/2

“She’s not the forgetting kind, I’ll say that. She’s the kind you meet and can’t seem to shake. No matter how high you build your walls, invariably she finds a way inside. She gets under your skin, straight through to the meat of who you are. Eventually, you make peace with it. What else can you do? Houdini that she is. That’s when she settles in, bone deep. And that’s where the ghost of her remains long after the rest of her is gone. Sometimes it’s pleasant. More often than not, it isn’t.” — Britney King, Liar, Liar

I’d planned to write a series this month on the things I’ve learned in publishing (and life) as I get a lot of questions from writers and marketers and such. However, a new project has come up, one that demands my full attention.

I feel like these posts might lead to additional questions and because I don’t want to let anyone down (on any front), I’m holding off.

But I’ll be back soon. With book news. 🙂

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