Water Under The Bridge: Scene 8/10

“Maybe we live in a glass house, and it’ll all come crashing down. Maybe happiness like this can’t last. But in this moment, lying here with you, I believe anything—even the impossible might be possible.” — Britney King, Water Under The Bridge


Water Under The Bridge releases three weeks from today. THREE WEEKS. 🙂 Because I wanted an excuse to share the sketch (below) which was drawn by my better half for the book this post is not a deleted scene. It’s an excerpt. 

You’re here, and you’re somewhere else, and you’re running your fingers along the granite in the kitchen before you move on to the massive stone fireplace in the great room once more. It’s like an episode of House Hunters, only you don’t speak, and that show would be better if those people didn’t either. I wonder if they know how superficial— how very American—they look, picking apart details like tile and window coverings, when people live in cardboard boxes, on the streets, under bridges. My guess is no. Thankfully, less fortunate people don’t have giant screen TVs in order to see all they are missing out on—so there is that.

“So I take it you like it then?” I ask eventually, needing to get out of my own head and into yours.

“It’s… amazing,” you tell me, standing at the back door staring out the floor to ceiling windows. There are no window coverings yet, but I suspect you’ll remedy that soon. You stand there for a while looking out at the backyard that isn’t really a backyard at all. It’s acreage, and you are right—it is amazing.



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