Turning the page. A final lesson. 

“Do not tell people how to live their lives. Just tell them stories and they will figure out how those stories apply to them.” ― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture. 

⬆️ One of my all time favorite books and the one I most often gift. If you want to read some of the best life lessons ever written… read that book. 

About that…

I’m calling it a day.

Shutting it down.

Moving on. 

This is where I say adios to blogging. On a personal level. 

What does this mean?

Do I really need to say it? 

Well, this is my point exactly. 🙂

I don’t know if it needs to be said. 

After all, done is better than said. Right?  

To be fair, I feel I should probably say this much—going forward the content posted here will specifically pertain to my novels.

BritneyKing.com will serve as a website/landing page/blog for my fictional work versus what it started out as—a personal blog where I shared my life lessons.

This is in part due to time constraints—and in part due to growing up… 

In truth, I want something… different.

I want intimacy that comes differently than sharing (brief) snippets of ones life online.

I want intimacy that is different than someone saying, “oh yeah, that’s right, I read on your blog/ I saw on Facebook….”

And with that I’ll share a final personal lesson:

To get to this place—this understanding about myself and what I want — I’ve learned this: It is important to keep an openness about yourself. Even— and especially when you’ve loved and lost— when you’ve been hurt and when you’ve done the hurting. 

This is life. It’s what happens. 🙂

But being open no longer means the same thing I once thought it did. 

Someone told me once that in order to have an open heart and to live that way—one needs to build a giant fucking fence around it.

After all, it is ones most precious real estate.

They told me I should be terribly discerning about who I invite in…

What I eventually learned (I like to take the scenic route aka the long way around) is more often than not, as it turns out, this does not have to include the entire World Wide Web. 🙂

I hope it goes without saying that I’m extremely grateful for those who’ve continued to follow me here over the past four years. I appreciate your support more than I can reasonably convey. 

Thank you— for your notes and cheerleading—through what have been some of the more difficult years of my life. 

Still, I’m excited to share more of a different side of my writing—which is hard to do when the ups and downs of your personal life are bleeding out on the page from week to week, for all the world to see, if they choose.

Other life lessons, combined with book research, glorious (terrifying) research, tells me that attempting to do both (in my genre of fiction) is like trying to control a wildfire in high wind. In other words, it’s dangerous. 

That said, 2016 and beyond is looking pretty great. 

In the meantime, I’m building my fence. 

I think it’s going to be a nice one. 

See-through—but there nonetheless. 

Electric, perhaps. ?

So…here’s to building. 

Here’s to going forward. 

Happy holidays to you and yours.

P.S. The cover reveal for Water Under the Bridge is (Thursday) 12/17/15. I’m looking forward to sharing this brand of crazy. ?

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