This is going to get me in so much trouble….

“He’d started this. I would finish it. He took me by the wrist and gently pulled me inside. It was the beginning of a secret. And the end of me.” —Britney King, Anywhere With You

Remember, way back when, I said that a change was gonna come? Well…what I’m about to share below is going to get me in so much trouble. I already know. I can hear it now…

And here’s what I want to say about that…

Don’t read it IF:

  • You’re under 18.
  • You don’t like profanity.
  • You’re related to me.
  • Romance isn’t your thing.
  • You get the feeling you might be compelled to let me know you have a problem with what I write.


Now that that’s been said…this week I’m pressed for time…so I’m going to share an excerpt from my new novel, Anywhere With You.


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