The Things We Say In Silence: Bonuses…

“The good news is—it isn’t over.

I know because he could’ve killed me, if he’d wanted to. 

And I’m still alive.”

~Britney King, Water Under The Bridge 

I’m interrupting my normal weekly posting schedule with a bonus post because there are two things I want to share. My collection of short stories (and bad poetry) got a new look recently. I like it a little bit and hope you will too. The Things We Say In Silence is not available for sale. It’s exclusive to my mailing list. I add to it and send out updated versions at least twice a year as a thank you to subscribers. Find more about that here:  Click here to subscribe

Speaking of the collection, I wanted to share a beautiful note I received from a reader. Check it out below. Aside from the fact that it’s lovely, it was particularly meaningful as I don’t often share personal (true) stories the way I did once upon a time. Fiction is more my jam but the opportunity to dip my toes into both worlds is kind of nice. The note below was an incentive to do a little more dipping. 🙂

Hi Britney,

I don’t usually write fan mail (or ever) since I convey all my love, thoughts and feelings about the book in its reviews as I’ve done for your other books. But, I read The Things We Say In Silence: A Collection of Short Stories and I knew I wanted to write to you. Personally.

Also, I love how you encourage your readers to write to you and it gave me the confidence to write this mail.

I was bored, my family was shopping, no Internet and the book was downloaded on my device so I thought it would be perfect to pass the time.

I didn’t realise that the short stories would be so concise, to the point and yet SO full of emotions. I was in awe. But most importantly, I was inspired.

My favourite was the one of your family where they help out the poor man on the street after they heard about you crying. It was a favourite not just because of the sweet and funny event but because I could relate and it gave me an idea.

That ‘short’ story about one small incident of your family, inspired me to write similarly about my own experiences with my peculiar family.

I love them, they say the most hilarious things and give the most dramatic reactions but it never occurred to me to write them down! Because they are just priceless moments and your short stories…. Opened my eyes. 🙂 (yes, I’ll work on my analogy)

So, thank you.

I loved the stories. I loved them all. Please write more and never stop.

For now, I’m waiting anxiously for Come Hell or High Water.

Bring it on!


Sakshi G.

The new look:


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