The Stories We Tell…

“You can decorate absence however you want- but your still gonna feel what’s missing.” ― Siobhan Vivian, Same Difference

Just checking in to say, that I’m so close to the finish line with Breaking Bedrock that I swear can almost see it. But, I also want to say that… you guys, this story is gutting me. I’m actually happy that it’s grey and rainy and turning colder here because I’ve seriously been making excuses as to how many days I can go without leaving the house, save for taking the kids to and from school- and that’s saying a lot because I’m the most social person I know.  It’s almost like this book, these characters are changing me. Or maybe they’re just giving me an outlet for grief, I don’t know. Perhaps, a little of both, I guess.

The other day my toughest beta reader gave me some advice telling me I need to “get to the point.” To which I promptly asked “What is the fucking point when you love someone so much and you’re missing them that bad? How exactly are you supposed to put all of THAT into words and wrap it up with a pretty bow? I mean…how many of us are capable of being truly brave when it comes to love?!? ” And then I considered that maybe he was right and so I put on my big girl pants and went back and did a rewrite that was so emotionally raw, I still don’t think I can read it back. I’m thinking…I’ll just let my editor deal with it. 😉

Anyhow, here’s to friends who call, to let you say what you need to say, even if you cry a little, or a lot, and then make you laugh so hard, you choke on your oatmeal. For people who give you what you need and then tell you to get back to it. For songs that say what you wish you could. For colder weather, and for rain that matches your mood. For books that make you feel. For lovers who bring out the best and the worst in you, and everything in between. For these things, I am grateful.

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