The Dancing Monkey & Other Old Stories…

“It’s funny, you know…when I was a kid I read to escape. Now, I read to find myself. And what magic it is to pick up a book and see yourself there, between the pages. To recognize the common themes of your life laid out before you— never having known they’d been there all along.” ~ Britney King

I’m doing that thing again, the thing I said I wouldn’t ever do again…where I quote myself. Someone asked me the other day during a Q&A where I find the time to read so much and why. The quote above was my answer…and I quite liked it, so I’m sharing. 🙂

I’m chin deep in the writing process and the story I’m writing has at least seemed more challenging than the others. So, this week because my brain feels rather stretched…I’m going to share an old story…

People have asked why I write here, why I share my life, and the lessons I learn (don’t you like your privacy, they say) — and while I guess there are several reasons, the most prominent one is: for my children, someday.

Once upon a time, I wrote a little story, or rather some really bad poetry about a dancing monkey. I wanted the lesson to be one that my kids could understand at their level, and for it to be something we could discuss.

Because…it isn’t about a dancing monkey at all. 😉

It’s about settling. It’s about comfort zones… it’s about loyalty, among other things.

None of which happen to be things I’m struggling with today, thankfully.

But there’s always tomorrow. 🙂

The Dancing Monkey.

She’s a cute little monkey, they say.

With her hat on crooked,

Because it only adds to her charm—even the monkey knows that.

“Do a trick!” They shout.

Tricks are all about timing, this, she’s figured out.

“Oh it dances,” They squeal.

“What else can it do?” They ask.

“Dance. Oh. That’s it?”

And suddenly the dancing monkey is no longer enough to hold their attention.

Like everyone who has come before they turn and go elsewhere.

Except the boy, that is. The boy always comes back…

Best of all he pays in peanuts.

Not unlike the patrons the monkey too sometimes wonders if there’s more.

Yet there are the peanuts to consider…

And even a monkey is smart enough to know that she’d really miss the peanuts.

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