Spring Cleaning: Somewhere With You

“The girl searched his face, nodded, and took the money. Jack watched as she retreated back to camp not once looking back. He learned another life lesson that night: for the right price, people could always be bought.” — Britney King,  Somewhere With You

As I mentioned last week, I’m doing a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ across all of my titles and thought it would be fun to share the new and improved covers for each over the course of March.

I also happen to be doing a bit of tidying up in my own life (mostly around processes and procedures) and boy is it very, very exciting. 😉

I switched you the ‘With You” series covers because I grew a bit weary of having sweet old ladies (and a few young ones too) write to me and say they were expecting a ‘clean’ love story and that’s not what they got. So—I figured I might as well make the cover a little darker and a little less “innocent” 🙂

Whatcha think?





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