It wasn't wrong—but it wasn't right either.

“There is a way of being wrong which is also sometimes necessarily right.” ― Edward Abbey

It was painful, actually.

Originally, I wrote Water Under the Bridge with the intention of publishing it in March. There was a schedule and everything, promotional stuff too—probably even a press release… because that’s how these things work. 😐

Then I changed my mind. I blame a few of the brilliant books I read during this time period…because when you know what’s good, it’s hard to know anything else. 😉

I sent the manuscript off to my editor and she said it was some of my best writing and she wasn’t wrong and so the marketing train continued on. Still, something about it didn’t feel right [because when you know, you can’t un-know ] so I pulled the lever and hi-tailed it outta there.

Meanwhile, I set the story aside and moved on, to life and other projects, until last week I opened it up, scrapped 60K words [that was the painful part] and it was like all those hours never existed. It sucked, a lot, for a quick minute but then I got stubborn and decided to just start over completely, this time using a different narrative.

Moral of the story… it’s not wrong not to do things that don’t feel right [even if you’ve committed in one way or another] —particularly if you know things could be better.

Also, blog from time to time so your readers know what’s up.

P.S. I will finish that which I start. I will, I will. See. 🙂

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