What you’ll also find below are
reviews for BEDROCK which I pulled from Amazon. Make sure you don’t skim over the 1 star. That one is how you know you’re a real writer… when you realize try as you might, you can’t make everyone happy. ?

“Gripping and intriguing.”


“This book has so much power and emotion that I don’t even know where to start.”


“Edgy, raw, and oh so good. Britney King does a superb job spinning a web of deceit that will leave you questioning who to root for.” 


“This is the first review I have ever written… it is incredible that this is Britney King’s first foray into novel-writing.”


“Inspiring. Scary. Sexy. And gripping. I loved this book. I was hooked from the start. The strong female characters are brilliant. ”




“Powerful book.”


“I disliked everything about this book. It was absolutely horrid and I didn’t even finsih the story trying to make me buy another book.”

“Suspense with a capital S.”


“A very well-written suspenseful read that hooks you in the first paragraph and holds your attention until the very end!”


Download it for free…

Bedrock is a psychological/domestic/romantic thriller (I have to include all three descriptions otherwise people get mad at me about all the romance). It has 60 + five-star reviews on Amazon alone.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll like it. You might hate it.

This is why I prefer to give the first book in this series away for free. No sign-up. Zero shenanigans. Little commitment. Just download it free from your go-to store:

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If you find it suits you, you’re welcome to buy the other books at a discount and/or if you subscribe I’ll send you another full-length novel and my short story collection free.

But if you find it doesn’t jive with your tastes— no harm, no foul. It’s certainly not for everyone.

I just appreciate you reading.





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