I remember…that's how you know. 

“Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.” ― William GoldmanThe Princess Bride

More from a certain book this week...
That’s how you know. 

I remember it so clearly.

That night. 

With stars in your eyes

I remember.

The sound of your voice  

and the way it shook 

ever so slightly

as the words slipped off your tongue. 

“I’m nervous,” you whispered.

As I watched the moonlight dance across your skin. 

I remember.

That I knew I loved you then. 

I didn’t say so—

I simply smiled and said, 

“That’s how you know it matters.” 

And it was enough.

You sighed

looked up at the sky

then back at me. 

I knew the stars would keep our secrets. 

And they have. 



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  1. Britney, Do you know if this website is legit? https://storycartel.com/genres/romance It is suppose to be for FREE books and I noticed that one of your books was on there. But I thought it was odd that when I clicked on it, they wanted me to start an account with them. Why would I need an account with them if the book is FREE? Also I figured it would just re-route me to Amazon like all the other FREE book sites do that I subscribe too and I have an account with Amazon. Just don’t want to see you wonderful, hard-working authors getting screwed. Thanks for your time, Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for reaching out. Story Cartel is legit in the sense it was me who uploaded my work there. Story Cartel is a way for authors to give their work to readers for free in exchange for (possible) reviews and marketing data. The reason they ask readers to create an account is because they pass the info along to authors (for marketing purposes) whereas Amazon does not. Amazon does collect the same data to better understand who is buying what in order to market to us as consumers—they just don’t share the info with the authors giving away free books. 🙂 Hope that makes sense.

      1. Whoops! I forgot to add…Story Cartel also passes the info along as there is an exclusive giveaway contest for readers that authors agree to for those folks who do leave reviews on Amazon within the specified timeframe.

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