I hope you know.

“He tasted of bacon and syrup— and something more. He tasted like my future.” ~ Britney King, Water Under The Bridge 

In honor of #teasertuesday…

Dearest you,

I hope that wherever you are

and wherever you’ll go—

that you find the happiest

version of yourself.

I hope you’re happier

than you’ve ever been.

Except that one time,

we were together.

I hope you’ll think of me,

and when I come to mind

which I hope is often—

that you’ll smile

because you know

everything is wonderful—

and it’s all working out

exactly as it should.

I hope the world makes sense

even though we aren’t together.

More than anything,

I hope you know—

that our story isn’t over

and it is meant to turn out

in the only way it ever could.



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