Head Down & Going Under.

“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.” ― Jane AustenNorthanger Abbey

I’m drowning in words and word counts over here, my eyes keep crossing, I’ve got the blank stare thing going on, and I can only move my neck to the right. But I guess all that’s to be expected when one forgets how to pace themselves. That and of course it’s probably just what happens when and if ones characters decide to start being little shits,and inform you that what you’ve written for over the past six months, is no where near worthy or deserving enough of how their story should unfold.

So…for the past week and a half the voices in my head have practically forced me to write over 3K words per day– that’s about 6+ hours of straight up writing (for me), in case you’re wondering. As of today, I have about 25K to go to get Breaking Bedrock where it needs to be before my deadline. WHICH IS IN ELEVEN DAYS. AND IF YOU CAN’T TELL BY THE CAPS, I’M FREAKING OUT ABOUT. JUST A LITTLE BIT. 😉

Anyhow, today also marks the start of NaNoWriMo and I have to admit that this year I’m “cheating” a little bit. Well, I’m not exactly cheating per se, but instead of writing an entire novel, the first 25K words I need to “win” will go to BB, and the second half of them to a new project, a standalone, which I’m excited to get started on.

The good news though is despite the fact that I can’t see straight, I’m getting decent feedback from the betas, which helps a lot, and kinda sorta makes up a little for all the work my characters urged me to scrap. Also, my husband happens to be beta reading for me this time and he sent me a text the other day which read: “MOST ENGAGING CHAPTER YET” and he’s so tough, you guys (seriously you have no idea), that I’m feeling pretty good about where the story is heading.

Now, back to it, but first a teaser from Bedrock:

collage 4

P.S. This is what I’ve written to this week:


P.S.S. There’s a giveaway for Bedrock going on over here.

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  1. Splitting your word count doesn’t sound like cheating to me! It sounds very productive. I don’t write books, but for me, if I had a quilt halfway done and finished that, plus did another half-quilt and all in one month, I’d feel very accomplished! (From how badly that last sentence was assembled, you might understand why I do not write books…!)

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