FAQ: What is wrong with you?

“I am captivated by your performance—you’re either crazy, or you have mad talent, and I am excited to think it’s a little of both. ” — Britney King, Water Under The Bridge 

For some reason, I keep getting asked what is wrong with me. 🙂 More specifically, people seem interested in why I’ve chosen to write about such dark subject matter.

So… I figured I’d address it below. This way the next time someone asks I can smile politely and tell them the answer lives on the web. 😉

I think… As a general rule, there are two types of readers….

First, there are those who read for pleasure or to escape reality and typically in a way that is light and pleasant and comfortable.

And then there are those who read for exploration—or perhaps to be exposed to something different. For the most part, (but not always;) I fall into the latter category. Which is probably why I write what I write.

With Water Under The Bridge specifically, I wanted to tell a story about two people who (for better or worse, and probably most likely worse) refuse to be victims despite their life experiences. More so, I wanted to explore the idea of serving ‘justice’ in one’s own way versus relying on a system. I also wanted to address the fact that human beings are the most intelligent predators on the planet. Or at least it’s supposed to be that way. 😉 The term ‘predator’ has gotten a bad rap but in truth, that’s what we are. Like most things, this can be used for good or evil and basically, I wanted to explore that a bit as well.

But more than anything, I wanted to write a strong female lead—one who knows what she wants and pursues it relentlessly. Sure, she’s crazy. But that’s not the point. 🙂

It’s meant to be dark, sarcastic, entertaining ( I hope) and FICTION. That said, I’m well aware it will no doubt ruffle a few feathers. And I’ve made peace with that. 🙂

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