Deleted Scenes 7/10

“The way she told the story, her eyes wide, voice low, you would have thought she was special, as though I’d never heard any of it before. Men are easier that way. You don’t hand everything over, and I’ll never understand why women are incessantly confessing.” ~Britney King, Water Under The Bridge


True to form, this particular gold digger and I ran into each other at her hotel bar while I was searching for you. Forty-two, with two kids, and two baby daddies to match, both of whom happen to be highly successful. It was easy to know right away what Dina was looking for—a good time, someone to fill the role she wanted, nothing more and nothing less. And suddenly, there it was, or rather there she was—the answer to my question. Dina wanted what most women want—she wanted to be needed. She wanted someone to make her feel better about being past her prime. Dina wasn’t dumb. She realized that sooner rather than later, the kids would be grown, and the gravy train would inevitably dry up, and all she’d have to show for it are two kids that the help raised and a better understanding of the worthless pond scum she’d allowed herself to become. Dina was looking for the answer to a question, too.

And sure, maybe I was angry about not finding you—maybe I needed to get you off my mind, maybe I needed the money, but the simple fact of the matter was Dina was an easy target. She sought me out—and she sealed the deal when she ordered me a drink even though I hadn’t asked. Dina was easy to seduce because I knew what she needed—and I gave it to her. I think you would be proud of my effort.



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