And Then There Was A Trailer…

“Chance favors the connected mind.” ~ Steven Johnson

If you follow me over on FB, you may have seen this post…

Have you ever worked with someone on something and found that person to be so amazing that you felt it was divine intervention (or kismet) that the two of met?!? THAT is exactly how I feel right now and I can’t wait to share what’s coming. P.S. Sorry…I myself kind of hate stay tuned type posts and I’m in no way trying to do that- I was more or less just saying how grateful I am to have found exactly the right, talented person. Kismet or divine intervention or whatever…well, it rocks. 

I was speaking of Lisa of Pixel Pixie Designs. I was introduced to Lisa via an email I received from Goodreads which featured several posts from an author chat in their forums. I had a very specific idea in mind of what I wanted in a book trailer for Bedrock…I just wasn’t sure how to implement it…so I sort of gave up on having one done. Then came Lisa. 🙂 Immediately after writing her and receiving her response I knew I wanted to work with her. And she proved to be every bit as amazing as I thought she would be. Normally, I don’t read these emails so it’s pretty awesome that I did that day.

Anyway, check it out…

P.S. This video contains mature adult content and is NSFW or children.

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