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First, thank you.

I appreciate that you took the time to read my work. Now, I hope you’ll forgive me for begging…

I know, I know— it ain’t pretty. BUT sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. So—this is where I ask you (again) if you’ll please, pretty please, write a short a review.

Even VERY short reviews can make ALL the difference!

Why you might be asking is this SO important that she sent me to a separate web page just to tell me about it?

Well… here’s why: Reviews help my books attract readers—readers who like the kind of stories I tell—and more readers mean I can keep writing stories. I learned the hard way, it’s not smart business just to release a book and hope for the best. Also, you may not realize the secondary importance of reviews. Garnering a certain number of them and maintaining a positive rating allows me to purchase advertising. Word of mouth will always be king, but paid advertising can be essential in helping find an audience for my work.

This is where you can help. You will find links below to direct you to your retailer of choice.

Thank you in advance. I read each and every review. Even the bad ones.




P.S. Did you not like the book? I’ll gladly take your constructive feedback at