Water Under The Bridge: Deleted Scenes 3/10

“I was all of six when I had my first encounter with a monster. It was a Tuesday, laundry day, and I was home from school sick. That afternoon, I was awoken by my mother’s screams, and shortly after I came face to face with evil.”~ Britney King, Water Under The Bridge

Backstory: Remember when I whined about scrapping a ton of words (60k, to be exact;) and how I wrote the novel over again using a different narrative?

Well, I figure those words don’t have to completely go to waste… and so I’ve decided to share some of them over the next nine weeks—counting down to release day.

Silver linings. ?

August 21st
Austin, Texas

Case Notes

Real name: Lydia Hammond.

A.K.A.: Jennifer Smith, Lisa Carver, Callie Jones

Wanted for embezzlement, kidnapping, and murder.

5’8 125lbs

Hair color: Varies. Brunette as of August 20th.

Eye color: Green

Most recently, she’s using the alias Kate Anderson.

Kate seems different from her other personas.

At this point, I can’t pin my finger on exactly why…

Law enforcement in addition to a multitude of P.I’s have yet to be successful in finding and/or apprehending her.

Per my client, Mrs. Robinson, [the daughter of someone scammed out of thousands by a Lisa Carver (alias)] this isn’t a hit— the subject is to be a live catch.

Realistically, I could have succeeded in apprehending her three weeks ago, when we were both in Brazil.

But there’s something about this one.

I just can’t stop watching.

Why can’t I stop watching?




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