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Updates and Added Scenes 3/4

“She wanted to hate him. She hated herself instead.” —Britney King, Bedrock

This month I’m sharing added scenes from Bedrock.

As I mentioned before, I’m in the process of rewriting and re-editing the series. Both Bedrock (book one) and Breaking Bedrock (book two) are now complete.

Beyond Bedrock should be finished within the next few weeks. If you own the books, you should have the option to update your version on your device.

If you don’t own them, I’ve included retailer links below. 🙂

“I hope you like gardening,” the man told her lifting the trap door. “Because unless you can find a critter or two, you aren’t going to be eating for awhile.” Addison felt him lift her by the hair. He forced her mouth open with his fingers and stuck the water hose inside. She gulped as quickly as she could but the water came too fast. She needed to drink, she knew she needed water but all she tasted was dirt. It was everywhere—in her ears—in her eyes—everywhere.

Finally, he removed the hose, just in time for the water, for everything, to come back up. She couldn’t decide which tasted worse, the vomit, the dirt, or a mixture of the two.

“Now, look what you’ve done,” he said. “You’re not worth much like this…”

Addison choked. “Here,” he offered. “I found one of your friends.”

She squinted trying to see through the mud that was caked on her face. He pried her mouth open. She clenched it shut, grinding her teeth, biting her tongue. But in the end, it mattered little, he won. That day she learned, if you swallow them whole, worms aren’t the worst thing one could be forced to eat.



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