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Updates and Added Scenes 4/4

“But those lies were small in comparison. Those she could contain. It was the big one that worried her. That one was like a wildfire. Burning. Burning. Burning.” — Britney King, Bedrock 

This month I’m sharing added scenes from Bedrock.

As I mentioned before, I’m in the process of rewriting and re-editing the series. Both Bedrock (book one) and Breaking Bedrock (book two) are now complete.

Beyond Bedrock should be finished within the next few weeks. If you own the books, you should have the option to update your version on your device.

If you don’t own them, I’ve included retailer links below. 🙂

“Don’t worry,” he told her. “Your secret is safe with me.”

She studied his face as though she were trying to keep it there, like a token, a memento of the greatest mistake of her life. She wanted to tuck it away in her mind forever and forget it all at the same time. Looking at him made her stomach turn.

William pulled away, releasing her. “Blame it on the concussion,” he suggested nonchalantly. He read her well. “You weren’t in your right mind.”

Feeling as though she could finally breathe, she straightened her clothes. William stood watching her but he said nothing. Finally, he, too, fixed his attire.

“You’re a runner,” he said eventually.


“You’re a runner.”

“Oh—well, yes,” she admitted. “But I’m not that good.”

He smiled but it didn’t touch his eyes. “Somehow I doubt that.”


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