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The Creative Process, The Book Business & Master Beta Readers…

“A problem is only a question you haven’t yet found the answer to; at least, that’s what my father told me once. It’s a sentiment that seems fitting given it has been thirteen days and eight hours since my last kill and this is something I must solve. But then, sometimes things find you and sometimes you find them.” ~ Britney King, Water Under The Bridge

Below is a fun interview I did this week on my creative process, the ever-changing business of marketing books, and… the importance of master beta readers. 😉

Before you listen, I feel it’s pretty important to clarify one thing. In the interview CJ refers to my work as ‘smut.’ I thought it would be fair to be very clear that my books are not categorized as erotica. Not that I’m referring to erotica as ‘smut’— smut means different things to different people— I’m simply clarifying because if one dives into my work expecting erotica they are going to be disappointed.

It seems a silly thing to say (over again) but it matters to people. And while it’s important to know that you’re probably going to piss at least a few people off no matter what you do as a writer—categorizing your books appropriately (which is one thing I discuss in the interview) is no joke. Well, at least not for me. 🙂

It’s sort of like… say a person goes into a coffee shop and orders a tall, non-fat, two-pump, no-whip Vanilla Latte and you give them something else (particularity on the wrong day) well, you just never know what can happen. 🙂 Also, hell hath no fury like a women who didn’t get what she came for. 😉

Listen here: The Easy Marketing Guide: Naughty Little Secrets of Becoming A Best Seller.

Or here if you’re an Apple fan like me.


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