Spring Cleaning: Anywhere With You

“Some conversations you let happen. Others you force.” — Britney King, Anywhere With You

As I mentioned over the past few weeks, I’m doing a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ across all of my titles and thought it would be fun to share the new and improved covers for each over the course of March.

I also happen to be doing a bit of tidying up in my own life (mostly around processes and procedures) and boy is it very, very exciting. 😉

I switched you the ‘With You” series covers because I grew a bit weary of having sweet old ladies (and a few young ones too) write to me and say they were expecting a ‘clean’ love story and that’s not what they got. So—I figured I might as well make the cover a little darker and a little less “innocent” 🙂

Whatcha think?





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