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Prequel 4/5

“Anyhow, we spent a few minutes working, and then I offered him a drink. I have a million costumes, and that night, I donned my shy, dumb, and sexy one. I also wore white. For purity. But then, you knew that.” Britney King, Beyond Bedrock 

Backstory: Skip the line if you read the backstory on the prequel posts last week and scroll down.


I’m not absolutely certain but…I’m pretty certain that Beyond Bedrock is one of my most under read and therefore underrated novels. Which is sad because I think it’s some of my best work. Even if a few reviewers tend to disagree. ?

When I wrote the book (which has been called ‘Single White Female meets Fatal Attraction’) I had no idea that I’d later write more of Lydia’s story. But she really grew on me— and thus the idea for Water Under The Bridge was born. Not to spoil the story for you… but Lydia is the psychopath (who is quite clever in my book;) which assumes the alias Kate in Water Under The Bridge.

That said, I consider Beyond Bedrock a prequel— although it is NOT necessary to read it before reading Water Under The Bridge. On that subject, just a side note about my books— most of them have overlapping characters—but read as standalones. In fact, you don’t have to read the first two Bedrock books to understand Beyond Bedrock—although it’d be nice if you did. ?

Anyway, I thought I’d share excerpts of Beyond Bedrock here over the next several weeks leading up to the release of Water Under The Bridge.

Keep in mind, she’s crazy.

And, also, probably one of the most real characters I’ve ever written.

For starters, I have a fascination for picking up men. Men who are ready and willing to give me what I need. Don’t worry—these men, my dear, are nothing like you. These men use women to suit their filthy needs. And well, me, I’m a woman who likes to play along. I let them win, or at least think they are, and that is why I sometimes do the things I do—but that is a story for another day.

For now, I want to tell you about beginnings and endings.

I sometimes see a man who I’ll call ‘Charlie.’ ‘Charlie’ works at the pharmacy where I pick up my prescriptions (this is also a topic for another day—you see, we have so much to discuss) and I have come to sort of… I guess you could say… like Charlie. Charlie is a loner. He is the kind of person people think I am. He’s not too smart—which strongly correlates with the amount of pot he smokes and video games he plays.

Anyway, one night about six months ago, I waited for ‘Charlie’ to slip out back behind the pharmacy for his usual smoke before closing. He didn’t seem that surprised to see me, which for a second, threw me off my game a bit. He lit my cigarette. I wasn’t even a smoker and while he seemed to know this, he didn’t say and thing. This is how I realized that ‘Charlie’ was the kind of guy one could come to an understanding with. Anyway, he lit my cigarette, and I returned the favor by giving him the best blowjob of the poor guy’s life. I know, because he said so. The other thing different about ‘Charlie’ was, unlike the others, when I asked if he wanted my number, he simply smiled and said he already had it. And to think I just mentioned that he wasn’t all that smart. Turns out, he was smarter that night than he realized.

And roughly, two months and twenty-two fucks later, we would both be glad for that.


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