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Notes from readers. Part two. 1/4

“The thing I find most surprising is that no one bothered to tell me there are a billion levels of intimacy, and then some. It’s entirely possible I wouldn’t have believed it, had they pointed it out. Maybe I couldn’t have. After all, it’s hard to truly understand the depth of something until you’ve been there. Also, I’ve learned a few things since then. I’ve learned that to be wholly seen by another person, at best and at worst, and loved anyhow is, in fact, indescribable. To have someone love all the parts of you that need loving, well, I’ve yet to find an offering of any other kind which is comparable. —Britney King, The Social Affair 

For the remainder of the month, I’ll be posting notes from readers. Some of them have asked to remain anonymous and others have asked for the opposite. Speaking of things that are indescribable, it’s difficult to say what these notes mean to me. It’s easier to share them. 🙂 Basically, it’s a lot. I can do small talk and surface level, if I have to. But (so far) those aren’t the kind of stories I write. So, to know that readers connect with my characters in ways that are meaningful to them, well, as a writer you can’t really ask for more than that.

Dear Mrs.King,

I wanted to tell you that I read the first two Bedrock books over the past 24 hours, (just finished the second, and will be purchasing the third after I email this to you) and, frankly … I just couldn’t put the story down. I wanted you to know that from page one I loved Addison. I could relate very much to who she was, and who she had become and even the choices she had made. I don’t understand how anyone could hate her, but then again, I think I understand why she did the things she did, and why her story is important. I want you to know I get it. I get her, and I get why you chose to tell her story. Thank you for telling this story. Not many people will be able to relate. Not many people suffer in their lives the way she has. Those of us who have…we understand, and we love her for who she is, and can’t wait for book three.


Shay Jordan


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