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Notes from readers… 5/5

“I’ll write to you. A super-long letter, like in an old-fashioned novel” ― Haruki MurakamiAfter Dark

It probably comes as no surprise given that most of my books contain (or in some cases revolve around) letters/notes/emails, that they’re up there with the things that make me happiest. Written words are my most favorite kind. 🙂

Because it’s November, and because gratitude and appreciation seeming fitting… and also because I have my nose to the grind finishing my latest novel, I thought I’d share some of my favorite recent notes from readers this month—with their permission of course.

I saved what is one of the more personal notes for last. This one is from a reader named Brandy. From nearly the get-go she was a champion of my first novel after she wrote to say she found it on a ‘What to read after Fifty Shades of Grey’ forum.

I’m not quite sure— but I’m pretty sure that she believed in the characters and their story maybe even more so than I did. It’s hard to say. 🙂 I will be forever grateful to her for championing the story the way she has. I look forward to meeting and thanking her in person one day soon. Equally, it’s nice to see the way this series has really picked up steam over the past six months. I guess timing really is everything. 🙂 But then, I’m pretty sure that was the whole point. 😉

Dear Britney,

I am writing to tell you how deeply moved I am by The Bedrock Series. When I picked up Bedrock a few years back I never knew the journey I would take with these characters. I feel as though I have been there with them through some of the most tragic and triumphant times of their lives.

Addison will always be my favorite female character. She is strong, determined, she does not allow people to define her. What I found from Bedrock through Beyond Bedrock was her need to “be herself, no apologies.”

The power of a love for another human being and more so your children can pull you through anything, and she proved that time and time again. I believe your writing in Beyond Bedrock is your strongest to date. You had me in tears because the emotion you are able to pull from me as a reader through your written words is an epidemic of awesome proportions. I could go on and on but I will simply put it this way…when you set out to read a book you never know how it will go.

When I read Bedrock, Breaking Bedrock and finally the closing chapter in the series Beyond Bedrock I wanted to reach for the phone and tell Addison what an impact she had on my as not only a mother, but as a wife, and a woman. So Britney for that I will always be thankful that you shared this story with me, as a reader.

Now to William… what can I say? There was always something about him that I connected with. He was and is for me the ultimate puzzle. So strong, powerful, with a silent grace that is understated and beautiful. William’s journey in Beyond Bedrock broke my heart. He fell apart before my eyes and I didn’t know how to put him back together. I wanted to fix him. He made some poor choices, but ironically for the right reasons. He tried to fix himself, his marriage the only way he knew how and it was painful to read. It still gives me chills to think about it. But like most things in life what we perceive as the “right reason” may in fact be the wrong one. And the flashbacks to his childhood, as a parent or any human, took my breath away. I wanted to, I needed to, save him.

What William was never wrong about was his love for Addison and his family. William needed to let others in—to truly open himself up to the woman he loved, and that was scary. It is scary for everyone to let someone in at that level. Your writing of William and Addison is so pure I felt connected with them from the first book. Interestingly, the spin in Beyond Bedrock was brilliant…no other words to describe it but true genius.

As a reader you know the book is so well done that you don’t even need to see the “William stated” after the quotes to know who is speaking. I was pulled into the minds and motives of all the characters. At times I was happy and scared, wishful and frankly mad enough to spit nails. I guess this note is my long-winded way of saying The Bedrock Series is beautifully written dialogue of life and love. A true account of the ugly and the perfect times when no one sees them but it feels like everyone is judging them regardless. Britney these books are a masterpiece that I am just happy to say I was able to experience.

As always Bravo!!




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