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Love Letters 3/4

“But the rest, well, the rest came as a pleasant surprise.” — Britney King, Bedrock 

To celebrate February, I thought I’d share a few, or four, short excerpts of love letters from the Bedrock Series.

Speaking of which, I’ve tweaked the synopsis yet again. Each time I peek into the manuscript I have to resist the temptation to re-write the whole thing. Not because it’s bad, but because it feels like a million years ago, and as with most things a little distance and hindsight help one see things more clearly.

Anyway, onward is where it’s at.

The letter below is pretty much all about the chase.

Turns out, it’s pretty new for him.

He isn’t half-bad. 😉

She should’ve known better…

Dear Addison,

I’ve tried calling several times with no luck. I wanted to visit you in the hospital, but I thought better of it, not wanting to make matters any worse. I felt a little better knowing that you were given a clean bill of health. Hopefully, you received the flowers I sent. Orchids. I hear they are your favorite.

I was wondering if you would like to have dinner. I understand that your life situation may preclude this, but I can’t stop thinking of you and was hoping to get to know you a little better. Clothes on this time, I promise.





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