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Love Letters 2/4

“Trying to take her mind off of the situation, Addison got right to work. She typed up a few proposals and then started on the 312 emails sitting in her inbox. Only one of them grabbed her attention and held it.” —Britney King, Bedrock 

To celebrate February, I thought I’d share a few, or four, short excerpts of love letters from the Bedrock Series.

Speaking of which, I’ve tweaked the synopsis yet again. Each time I peek into the manuscript I have to resist the temptation to re-write the whole thing. Not because it’s bad, but because it feels like a million years ago, and as with most things a little distance and hindsight help one see things more clearly.

Anyway, onward is where it’s at.

The letter below doesn’t need much explanation.

I find those are the best kind. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s. x

Dear Addison,

Thank you for giving my life color. I hope each time you look at these you’ll think of me and the three beautiful days we spent together.

I miss you.




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