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Love Letters 1/4

“She’d already made so many mistakes, just that day alone, and now there was this.” —Britney King, Bedrock

To celebrate February, I thought I’d share a few, or four, short excerpts of love letters from the Bedrock Series.

Speaking of which, I’ve tweaked the synopsis yet again. Each time I peek into the manuscript I have to resist the temptation to re-write the whole thing. Not because it’s bad, but because it feels like a million years ago, and as with most things a little distance and hindsight help one see things more clearly.

Anyway, onward is where it’s at.

The letter below is written by Addison’s boss and while it’s not the type of love most people think of in terms of love letters, she sees something in Addison that Addison can’t see herself and believes (whether or not it turns out to be true) that she is doing her a favor.

It’s likely a few of us have been there a time or two. 🙂

Dear Addison,

What I am about to propose will likely shock the hell out of you. Before you continue any further, I want you to promise to keep an open mind and give some careful consideration to what I am asking of you. If I didn’t think that my offer was a plausible solution to your situation, I would not be offering. I take what I am about to tell you very seriously. This is my life.



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