I’m so embarrassed + Beyond Bedrock Scene 2/4

“She would fix this. She would make everything right again. Even if it killed her.” — Britney King, Beyond Bedrock

Yikes. I’m so embarrassed. My website is supposed to notify me when someone utilizes the contact form and I’ve just realized… it hasn’t been. Well, at least not every time. Thankfully, 99% of the hundreds of messages I missed out on would’ve probably only caused me to get a big head. Or maybe… I found them when I was meant to. 😉 That said, I will be going back and responding to each of them. I mean… just look at how wonderful you guys are. And this is just a small example. 🙂

Sylvia writes: I just finished Water Under the Bridge and loved it. Echoes of Dexter and Kill Bill. Would make a great HBO series! Can’t wait for the next book. Most “teaser” books are what I call “junk” reads. It was a joy to read something that was intelligent, complex and most of all well edited! Beautiful use of language. I tried to figure out how to review it. Feel free to use anything in this email. Keep writing. Sincerely, A new fan! 

Below is the second excerpt of Beyond Bedrock. See last week’s post for the full backstory.

Understanding the art of war, Lydia spoke first. “We’re going to write the story together.”

The woman glanced up and drew a long breath. “Is that so?”

Lydia wasn’t put off by her rudeness, by her lack of commitment to the cause. She understood the woman needed her more than she wanted to admit.

They always did.

Things may have looked grim on her side of the table from where the other woman sat, but Lydia knew better. Everything would work out just as it should.

She would pull herself together.

She would fix this.

She would make everything right again.

Even if it killed her.

Or more likely, someone else.

Which is why on that day, for the record, she wore green, just like envy.





Series Praise

“Clever, intense and addictive.”

“A surprising debut. Epic storytelling full of edge- of- your- seat suspense.”


“Hypnotic and breathtakingly romantic.”

“Bold and in your face from the get-go.”

“A twisty and edgy page-turner. The perfect psychological thriller.”

“I read this novel in one sitting, captivated by the words on the page. The suspense was startling and well-done.”

“Dark and complex.”

“Exhilarating and suspenseful.”

“A fascinating tale of marriage, secrets, and deception.”

“Fast-paced and thrilling.”

“A cunning tale that won’t let go…”

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