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Feedback 5/5

“It’s all there. In a glance, a touch, a word. I learned what they wanted. I learned I could be anything I wanted to be.” — Britney King, The Social Affair

This month I wanted to talk about feedback… and after last week it’s important to end on a high note.

The letter below is among the most beautiful I’ve received. I feel like it’s a love note to all creators.

Good morning,

I just finished your 1st book in the Bedrock trilogy. I must say, I was thoroughly entertained. My favorite author is Lee Child, and I imagine if he were to read your books he would send you kudos for a job well done (if he hasn’t already). I’m getting ready to start the 2nd book of the trilogy with much anticipation. I have much sorrow in my life and the only thing that keeps me grounded is losing myself in psychological thrillers. I imagine great works ahead of you in your journey as an author and send many blessings to you and your loved ones, as well as a heartfelt thank you for sending me into another world away from my physical day to day life of depression, anxiety and stress beyond measures. It is authors such as yourself that give me moments of happiness. As I’m sure I am not alone in the compelling need to share the gratitude much owed to you and other amazing authors for giving us readers a reprieve from our day to day shuffle and grind, I would like to thank you on behalf of all of us here escaping reality in the solace of your precious creations and masterminded works of art. Without your diligence and perseverance to construct each meticulously thought out page (presumably with much blood sweat and tears I imagine) creating a story and sharing something so special to your heart, some of us would not be able to have many moments of joy. Writing is your calling and reading is mine. So without further ado, we the readers thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The impact you have on us cannot be expressed by mere words alone but just know this, YOU ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

Thank you again,

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