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Feedback 1/5

“You be the desert. I’ll be the ocean.” — Britney King, Back Story Here

This month I want to talk about feedback. In my case, this pertains to readers and their perceptions, insights, and info they are willing to share in regard to the stories I tell.

But no matter what business you’re in it would serve you well to make feedback your friend. It’s one of the best things I have ever done, in any business venture. In this one opening a dialogue with readers, offering them as much access to me as I can muster is one of my favorite things about the gig. While I don’t know how long I can continue to answer every email, every DM, every IM, every everything I know I will try. Customer feedback is where it’s at. My readers are the best people. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of their feedback as well as my response in case you might’ve thought the same thing and/or had similar questions . 🙂

Lacy writes:

Just finished the The Water Under the Bridge Series and loved it. The last book was my least favorite only because I thought Kate grew weak(er) and I enjoyed the equality of their badassery. I’ll start Bedrock soon, hoping it’s broken up and as digestible as the Water series… It makes it such a great read to have short, quick chapters like that. Recommending the former to a friend. Thanks again!

I think these three books combined into one consolidated (shortened) script would make a great movie! I was picturing Josh Lucas as Jude and Kurt Russell as his dad. I know Kate’s a blonde but Michelle Monaghan was in my head for some reason! Would love to see it hit the big screen one day!

Dear Lacy,

Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts. In regard, to Kate being weaker in Come Hell or High Water I don’t completely disagree. But I would like to point out one thing. Kate’s character evolves throughout the series, little by little as she becomes a wife and a mother. In the final book, she really struggles with meeting her own needs while meeting those of her children. Brady in particular. She realizes that she is raising a sociopath, that he is the perfect (or not so) combination of her and Jude and this realization causes her to set aside her own goals and in essence a part of who she is in order to facilitate remaining under the radar. Among other things.

I think barring the crazy (fictional) stuff most mothers can relate. I know I certainly can. I’m constantly at war with myself over how much I can give my career versus what my family’s needs are at any given time. It’s a balancing act and in CHOHW Kate was in the midst of figuring things out.

In short, motherhood changes you. In some ways, you get softer and in others, you grow tougher. It’s possible I could have done a better job at portraying that underlying message where Kate was concerned. But fear not, many readers have asked for another book in this series and at some point, they will get it. We will get to see Brady’s perspective, told in his voice. We’ll get to witness what it was/is like to be a product of his parents and in turn, we might find that Kate was ever the badass she was in the beginning— only that her priorities shifted. Will they remain that way? Can she tame her own inclinations in order to lead her child? How much is nature versus nature? We’ll see. If I know Kate, and I do, no doubt it will be a wild ride.

Thank you again for writing. And for recommending my work. There’s no greater compliment.


 P.S. I’m digging your choices for the big screen. 🙂

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