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FAQ Series 1/4

“Sometimes you have to look back in order to move forward.” — Britney King, Bedrock

This month, I’m answering reader’s questions…

Q: Hi there, I just wondered if there is going to be any more books in the Bedrock series? Would love to read more Addison & William!! P.S. Your books are amazing! —Faith N.

A: The answer is…yes. I hadn’t planned to write more in this series. In fact, I hadn’t ever planned to write the second book and yet here we are. I receive so many notes from readers saying that they wish they could erase Bedrock from their memory and read it again… and well,…I’ve kind of made that possible.

Several months ago, after receiving about a dozen emails in a row asking for more of these characters I turned to my husband (pretty much out of the blue) and said, “I think I’m going to extend Bedrock from a trilogy— to a five book series—and, I’m going to call the next book, Back to Bedrock.”

“That’s a great title,” he replied.

“Yeah,” I said. “But I don’t even know what they’d be doing now,” I added, hoping he was going to talk me out of it. Writing in this series can be quite emotionally draining for me.

But he didn’t try and talk me out of it as I’d hoped. Instead, he raised his brow and said, “I don’t know Britney. What would they be doing?”

And that was that. I saw it for what it was: a challenge. 😉

In addition, I’ve rewritten (my first novel) Bedrock from the ground up. Although, the quote above always was, and still is, the very first line in the book. Fitting, and a little prophetic, it seems. Anyhow, new scenes were added, fresh dialogue—and with any hope—a smattering of clarification, where clarification was needed. However, overall, I tried to tread carefully and feel I remained true to the story by leaving the soul of it intact.


That said, if you already own a digital copy you can simply update your version. Of course, you can also download it FREE by clicking any of the retailers below.

I’m re-writing Breaking Bedrock as well and it should be ready in a few weeks.

Back to Bedrock is coming along nicely. Tentatively, I’m looking at a release date toward the end of summer. The cover is almost complete and I sort of dig it. I hope you will too. 🙂 More on that soon. In the meantime…


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