FAQ Series 4/4

“You’re on to me, and this is your way of saying what you mean to say without really saying anything at all.”— Britney King, Dead In The Water 

This month, I’m answering reader’s questions…

Q: 1.How much research do you do into the subject matter you write about? I can tell by your writing it’s least some. 

2. How do you go about it? 

3. In other words, where do you find your inspiration? — Paul C.


1. More than most people think. 🙂 

2. I think there’s something to be said for not revealing ones sources…

3. Inspiration is everywhere. 🙂 

P.S. I like your numerical question system. 

2 thoughts

  1. I thought the very same thing with Water Under the Bridge. Your mind working in some pretty mental overdrive there! I haven’t read the others yet though but definitely will be. Your thought process and way with words makes reading what people first fell in love with reading to begin with!

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