Dead In The Water Excerpt 3/5

“I don’t like trouble this close to home. Not when I’m out of the loop. Something ended last night, clearly. But I have a feeling it was the start of something, too.” — Britney King, Dead In The Water 

It’s release day. 🙂

Below you’ll find a short (ish) excerpt along with one of the images from the book done by my better half.

Like how obsessed he is with you. The words keep ringing in my ears. They don’t stop until I’m sixteen and back in that bedroom again, happy, and sad, and full of hope to know that there is some good in the world.

“It’s not natural,” my friend Carrie tells me, sipping the rim of her coke can. We’re sitting cross-legged on her bed. I look over at the clock, and then back at her. This is my favorite time of day, but it’s also the worst, because I know I’ll have to go soon. I frown, and she reaches over, tracing the skin on my ankle. It gives me goosebumps, and she laughs, offering me her soda. I take it, not because I like soda— my father swears it’ll make me fat— but because I’ll be tired later in class, and it always seems to help.

“I know,” I say, and I swallow. I know where this is going, it’s what she always wants to discuss—the reason we have to meet like this. She doesn’t understand why we can’t see each other outside of school. I can’t let her.

“I think he’s obsessed with you,” she says, and she narrows her gaze.

I shake my head. “He’s just overprotective.”

“Obsessed,” she says, tickling me, and I don’t like it when she does this because I’m afraid we’re going to wake her parents. No doubt they’ll tell my dad, and then the one good thing, the one friend I have, will be taken away, like everything else.

“Stop,” I plead, and she laughs louder. I shush her.

“It’s not fair,” she says, and I know. I’ve heard it all before.

“Life isn’t fair.”

“Well,” she says, looking at the time. She pouts. “For the record, he’s not the only one.”

I smile because it’s nice to have a friend after all these years.

And then she leans in and kisses me, and everything changes.



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