“You wanted me.

 I wanted you.

It was the beginning. 

And the end, 

of everything.” —Britney King, Beyond Bedrock 

I’ve meant to update The Bedrock Trilogy covers for a while now as apparently I’m much more succinct in 2016 than I was back in 2013 when I wrote the first book. :)

So, this week I finally made time for a little concision and continuity and updated all of them which included re-writing each synopsis.

See… ;)




Crazy Love.

He was silent in a way that spoke volumes. — Britney King,  Water Under The Bridge 

It’s #teasertuesday and I’m sharing a bit of insight from the fascinatingly insane character I’m writing. 

For context, (below) she’s written to her latest love interest. 

If it sounds crazy—trust me it is. 

Love’ll do that to ya. ;) 


Say you’ll love me always.

But don’t make false promises

based upon the sweet side of love.

That would be far too easy—

And I’ve never wanted easy.

No, say you’ll love all of it.

Say that some part of you,

no matter what,

will ache for the raw, violent, lovely

burst of everything 

that makes us

who we are



Out with the old… in with the unexpected.

“You should’ve warned me,” I told him, my voice coming out a few pitches higher than I intended. 

He smiled, the kind of smile I could’ve gotten lost in— had I not been so stunned. As I watched his smile fade, I willed him to say something—anything, to fill the silence. 

“It’s no fun that way,” he eventually shrugged and ever so slightly that winning smile returned. 

That was the first time I wanted to take him out. Maybe, I should have. Because certainly, it would not be the last. 

Also, it’s not like me to second-guess myself. Which is how I should’ve known… I was in a world of trouble. — Britney King, Water Under The Bridge 

Speaking of the unexpected… Water Under the Bridge will not be released in February as planned.

This much I can tell you.

As to when it will be released, I can’t say.

Aside from disappointing readers who were waiting… it’s all good news.

Also, sure, I’m biased…but I think it will be worth the wait.  :)

Secondly, Bedrock (UK ONLY) and Beyond Bedrock (US & UK) are Kindle Countdown Deals this week.

Lastly, as a heads up, I will not be renewing the contract with Amazon which requires exclusivity come February. Unfortunately, this means that (as of then) my books will no longer be available in their Kindle Unlimited program. So, if you’d planned on reading them as a KU subscriber I want to give ample notice and a timeline in which you can do so.

I think that about covers it…

I’ll share more, when I know more. ;)

Happy New Year.

The Water Under The Bridge: Cover Reveal

“The funny thing about humans—I learned—is that if there’s one thing  they excel at—it’s seeking love from those who are least likely, or willing, to give it.” ~ Britney King,  Water Under The Bridge

I’m pretty excited to share the cover for my upcoming novel, Water Under The Bridge.

The is the first I designed completely on my own, and it also happens to be novel number seven for me, and there’s something that feels lucky about that. :)

So without further ado…




Add to Goodreads: bit.ly/WaterUnderTheBridgeGR

Turning the page. A final lesson. 

“Do not tell people how to live their lives. Just tell them stories and they will figure out how those stories apply to them.” ― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture. 

⬆️ One of my all time favorite books and the one I most often gift. If you want to read some of the best life lessons ever written… read that book. 

About that…

I’m calling it a day.

Shutting it down.

Moving on. 

This is where I say adios to blogging. On a personal level. 

What does this mean?

Do I really need to say it? 

Well, this is my point exactly. :)

I don’t know if it needs to be said. 

After all, done is better than said. Right?  

To be fair, I feel I should probably say this much—going forward the content posted here will specifically pertain to my novels.

BritneyKing.com will serve as a website/landing page/blog for my fictional work versus what it started out as—a personal blog where I shared my life lessons.

This is in part due to time constraints—and in part due to growing up… 

In truth, I want something… different.

I want intimacy that comes differently than sharing (brief) snippets of ones life online.

I want intimacy that is different than someone saying, “oh yeah, that’s right, I read on your blog/ I saw on Facebook….”

And with that I’ll share a final personal lesson:

To get to this place—this understanding about myself and what I want — I’ve learned this: It is important to keep an openness about yourself. Even— and especially when you’ve loved and lost— when you’ve been hurt and when you’ve done the hurting. 

This is life. It’s what happens. :)

But being open no longer means the same thing I once thought it did. 

Someone told me once that in order to have an open heart and to live that way—one needs to build a giant fucking fence around it.

After all, it is ones most precious real estate.

They told me I should be terribly discerning about who I invite in…

What I eventually learned (I like to take the scenic route aka the long way around) is more often than not, as it turns out, this does not have to include the entire World Wide Web. :)

I hope it goes without saying that I’m extremely grateful for those who’ve continued to follow me here over the past four years. I appreciate your support more than I can reasonably convey. 

Thank you— for your notes and cheerleading—through what have been some of the more difficult years of my life. 

Still, I’m excited to share more of a different side of my writing—which is hard to do when the ups and downs of your personal life are bleeding out on the page from week to week, for all the world to see, if they choose.

Other life lessons, combined with book research, glorious (terrifying) research, tells me that attempting to do both (in my genre of fiction) is like trying to control a wildfire in high wind. In other words, it’s dangerous. 

That said, 2016 and beyond is looking pretty great. 

In the meantime, I’m building my fence. 

I think it’s going to be a nice one. 

See-through—but there nonetheless. 

Electric, perhaps. 😏

So…here’s to building. 

Here’s to going forward. 

Happy holidays to you and yours.

P.S. The cover reveal for Water Under the Bridge is (Thursday) 12/17/15. I’m looking forward to sharing this brand of crazy. 😃

On feeling…

“No matter what challenge has ever come your way I have watched you excel at feeling out the next right thing to do. You don’t ask ‘what now.’ You’re a doer. A feeler. You always have been. And I hope you always will be. So, with that, I will let you go this morning with greater ease than I’d like. I will watch as your little hand slips out of mine, long before I am ready, and long before we get to the place where it’s time to say goodbye. You know what you are supposed to do. And if ever in life you find yourself questioning ‘what now’ or, more importantly, what the right thing is—well, that’s how you know it’s time to let go and feel your way through.” — Britney King, Anywhere With You

This week, pressed for time, and writing from my iPhone, I’m sharing a letter from Anywhere With You. It is a letter written to Jack by his mother prior to her passing.

I’ve heard lots of readers say they aren’t ready to read this one because they don’t want to be sad.

To that I say, sometimes sad is necessary. Sometimes the only way out is through. 

Sometimes just on the other side of sadness, you’ll find understanding. After that, often, liberation. 


Dear Jack,   

You’re sleeping now, your head nestled into my lap. You’ve come down with chickenpox and you’re absolutely miserable. I feel very much the same. 

I hate it when you’re sick. It’s the worst feeling in the world for a mother to watch her child suffer and not be able to fix it. I would do anything to take your misery away and yet I can’t. I know this is just a typical childhood illness and that it’ll pass, but it makes me think of all the mother’s out there who don’t get to be so lucky. 

Watching you suffer makes me consider my own illness and how there are some things in life we just can’t fix. We can only make the best of them.

Someday, and it isn’t a matter of if—but a matter of when— you’ll come across something you want to fix but can’t. Maybe it’s a friend or a girlfriend—or maybe it’ll be your own babies getting sick. So, I want to give you the same advice I need to hear right now. Just sit with it, Jack. Just be there and make the very best of whatever shitty situation it is you can’t fix.

Sometimes just holding that person in your arms is the very best answer. Sometimes, this will fix it—but often it won’t. Hold on anyway. Because what else can you do? Having you has taught me this. It has taught me so many things—and the very best of all of them is the power of love.   

Love you, 

P.S. Hopefully I don’t sound like I’m rambling. This is what tired parents do.

In honor of Friday the 13th…

“I recall that day distinctly. On that particular day, I was husband shopping.”—Britney King, Water Under The Bridge

In honor of Friday the 13th there’s news about stuff I’m giving away at the very bottom of this post. :)

But first, in regard to the psychological thriller I’m working on, I wanted to share a few things…mostly about the cover. I designed this one myself, so I’m partial. :)

Secondly, I have pretty neat plans (I think, anyway) about how to visually bring readers into the story. Without spilling all of my secrets, I’ll just say that it’ll take place over on Instagram and you can follow me there. 

For fellow bloggers… the cover reveal for Water Under The Bridge has been set. You can sign up here. Pre-order links will go out on 12/17/15 along with the cover. ;) It releases on 2/22/16.

Water under the bridge RGB cover reveal

Below is the synopsis. You can add it to your Goodreads TBR here. 

WUTB Synopsis

Also, tomorrow 11/14/15 & 11/15/15 my other somewhat thriller (which attempted to moonlight as a romance novel) Bedrock will be free via Amazon. It is no secret that most one and two star reviews come after a free book promotion—so, I feel that it’s worth saying… you might want to read other reviews to try to gauge whether or not this is a book that’s for you before diving in. Just a fair warning. ;)

Lastly, starting December 1st, if you like free stuff you might want to pay attention to Instagram.

I think that covers it. Pun intended. :)

Course Correction…

“Eventually, out of options and out of time, I made a split-second decision that would seal my fate for years to come—if not forever. This was when I did the ‘very bad thing.’ Ironically enough, it was so easy to put into motion, yet impossible to stop once I’d gone through with it.” —Britney King, Anywhere With You

Some things one commits to are like the quote above… but, thankfully, most aren’t. Once upon a time I wrote here that I was going to stop with the more personal posts and focus on other things…one of those being reviewing the books I read. But I lied.

I realized that nope—that is not the direction I want to go in. At all. For starters, anyone who is the slightest bit interested in what I’m reading can check me out on Goodreads. Writing reviews here doesn’t really make sense.

That said, I have an idea of what does make sense… and yet I don’t have the spare time right now to (publicly) commit to actually following through with it. So, we’ll just see how it goes instead. :)

Lastly, my latest book, Anywhere With You, releases tomorrow and I thought I’d share an excerpt that really shapes the story. In many ways, it has to do with commitment— and the reality that few things in life are actually set in stone. Pun intended. There’s almost always room for a course correction. And some times that turns out to be the beauty of it.


“If you don’t want to go, then why are you going?” I asked as we pulled into the airport parking lot. I’d purposely waited as long as possible to ask in order to see if she might bring it up. I wasn’t going to push her to stay. It took forever for me to find an open spot and about as long for her to answer.

As I turned off the ignition, she finally did. She looked at me incredulously. “I have a job.”

“I have one, too,” I assured her.

“You don’t have a boss, Jack.”

“Sure I do. They’re called investors.”

She shot me a look that conveyed annoyance and then she shook her head. “It’s not the same.”

“You can take pictures from anywhere. Why not here?”

“Well, for starters, the magazine I’m employed by is based out of Boston. I have a home there—and a life—”

“I’m not asking for forever. Just a little longer…” And there it was. Even though I’d promised myself I wouldn’t do it. She’d forced my hand. I asked her to stay.

Amelie exhaled and focused her attention out the passenger window. “I’m just not in a place where I can walk away from it all.”

“I’m not asking for you to walk away.”

She turned then. “What are you asking for?”

I swallowed. “I don’t know. Just a little more time.”

“I do love him, Jack.”

“I’m sure you do.”

Her face fell. “Then why are you asking me to stay? Especially, when I’m the one who stands to lose the most?”

“If you want to get on that plane, then by all means go. But—if you’re doing it because you think you have to—then I think you’re making a mistake.”

She sighed then, and I knew the sound. It was a sigh of defeat, mixed with annoyance at my being right.

Amelie stared out the window and neither of us spoke for several minutes until suddenly, I had a brilliant idea.

“What if I drove you back?”

She glared at me, her mouth hanging open, and I recognized it instantly. She liked my idea. Although she wasn’t ready to admit it.

“We can take the long route—a detour.”

“I have to be in Hawaii in fifteen days,” she exclaimed as she pursed her lips.

“So we’ll take fourteen. Or thirteen. Whatever you need.”


“Ah, come on. A road trip…Think about it. It’ll be like old times…”

She cocked her head. “Where will we go?”

“Anywhere. Who cares?”

“Well, for one, my boss will.”

“Make it about work.” I could see her thinking, her mind working hard at fitting the pieces together. But Amelie was too pure to ever be as good a liar as I was. So I decided to just hand it to her. “Tell him we’re going to spread my dad’s ashes and that you’re going to do a piece on the best places across the US to do that sort of thing.”

She frowned. “Your dad was buried. In the ground.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “But what’s-his-name doesn’t know that.”

She slapped my arm. “You’re crazy, Jack Harrison.”

“There are conditions, though…” I told her as I raised a brow. I said this only after I was sure she was in.

She ran her fingers through her long blonde hair, sweeping it away from her face. “Oh?”

“We are going to make a bet.”

I eyed her as she wrapped a strand of hair around her finger nervously. Then she grinned and eyed me expectantly.

I delivered my answer without skipping a beat. “On this trip, we’re together.”

Her face twisted and she released her hair. “What else would we be?”

“No, I mean we’re a couple. Full out. No bullshit.”

“I’m engaged, Jack,” she scoffed.

“Maybe so.” I shrugged. “But for the next fourteen or thirteen or however many days, we’re going to pretend that you’re not.”

She crossed her arms. “What does that even mean?”

“It means that we’re just together. Whatever happens, happens. We don’t fight it. And we don’t ask questions.”

Amelie threw her head back and laughed. “You’re funny,” she said and then she sat straight up and glared at me. “And then what?”

“And then, at the end of it—if you’re happy, well, then you’ll have the answer to the question you asked about marrying what’s-his-name.”

She watched my face for a moment and then bit her lip. “Do I have another option?”

“Yes,” I told her with conviction. “To get on that plane and spend the rest of your life wondering what might have happened if you hadn’t.



Fire and hurricanes. Poetry and love. Synchronicity.

“But you can’t stop a hurricane. You can only ride it out and then try to make sense of it all, once things calm again. And they will be beautiful again as soon as the storm has passed. They’ll likely be even better. Stronger. You’ll be more prepared the next go ‘round. And make no mistake there’ll be another. There always is.”—Britney King, Anywhere With You

I came across the trailer for this film and it’s seems so very like Somewhere With You and Anywhere With You that I couldn’t not share it. I love it when the universe delivers that way. :)

Touched With Fire. It looks like a great film. Is it February yet? :)

Memories light the corners of my mind…

“I miss her all the time. I know in my head that she has gone. The only difference is that I am getting used to the pain. It’s like discovering a great hole in the ground. To begin with, you forget it’s there and keep falling in. After a while, it’s still there, but you learn to walk round it.”― Rachel JoyceThe Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

This afternoon I was baking gingerbread cookies with my children (before you get the wrong idea about me, let me say, it was all Betty Crocker) when a memory came to mind taking me back to the time I baked Gingerbread Men, four or five or six Christmas’s ago, for my grandmother, and the old folks who were trapped in the rehabilitation hospital with her over the holidays. I remember lamenting to my husband that I was probably going to get into trouble again because at least half of those old folks (including my grandmother) were diabetic. Which is when he casually made the comment that perhaps I should make them anatomically correct just to ensure my prediction.

Of course, true to form, I took him up on that suggestion—and as usual I took it a little too far. ;) It was mostly harmless…I figured I’d bring a little cheer to what was a shitty situation…

A little back story: The holidays are the loneliest time in those places because family members are often busier than normal and thus make it in to visit less. I knew this from nearly a decade of watching my grandmother go in and out as I was her advocate and made medical decisions for her when she couldn’t—which required that I be there a lot. When old people become ill (my grandma had COPD) and are bedridden for several days they often need weeks of physical therapy just to get back to the norm it takes to be able to live on their own again. Thus the frequent stays.

But, anyway, back to the anatomically correct cookies…most people loved them. Particularly, the old men. There were a few ladies who were appalled—which was to be expected. But the highlight of it all was seeing my grandmother’s pride over her obscene and inappropriate granddaughter—combined with the attention it brought from the old men. :)

It’s a good memory. A holiday memory that finally didn’t completely sucker punch me. It was this thought I was contemplating when my favorite niece called to tell me about her birthday party and to request that I not embarrass her “because there are going to be cute boys there.”

I explained that it is my duty to embarrass her.

What I’d wanted to say was that this is because her dad isn’t here to do it. But I didn’t. It’s not like she doesn’t know. Then she told me about her grades and a letter she received from Duke University but how she already has plans to go to Harvard Medical School so she can become an emergency room physician. I told her how proud I am. I wanted to tell her that her dad would be the proudest of us all— but I didn’t.

I don’t have to.

I know she knows.

Which was the sucker punch I hadn’t seen coming.

Sometimes life is funny that way.